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Help! DS and getting treated as LS

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Im dark Jedi and in the Royal Palace area it keeps giving me all the text for light side.


I never got the chance to kill Master Kavar and the Captain, is there any way to fix this?


I have killed all the jedi up to this point and all of a sudden they think im reformed or something

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Mr pedantic enters stage left


General Vaklu, actually. Colonel Tobin was his "personal Kath hound" according to the Mandalorian, Kelborn.


Mr pedantic exits stage right


Not much of a DS player myself, but I believe that the critical event for siding against Talia on Onderon is taking the quest from Andaa (sp) to kill the three Royalist captains...


If you do that you are on a collision course with Kavar, otherwise you will be his pal.


As STDSkillz says, it will shake out in the long run, once the Lost Jedi quest is completed and you return to Dantooine to meet the surviving Jedi. On another note, I've often wondered how it is that the Jedi Masters know that you have killed one or more of their number, but make no comment about the death of Master Vash on Korriban...

"We were hoping we could bring the Xbox platform into December but didn't want to make the formal announcement until we knew an earlier ship date would not compromise the quality of The Sith Lords," says Producer Mike Gallo.
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