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Lightsaber tank

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It's basically a really really big lightsaber. Just take all the parts needed to make a lightsaber and expand them by a 10- or 20-fold till you construct a lightsaber as big as a tank. Then you can add tracks, a chair, and engines to it and use it to ram buildings and breach sealed doors, or just go through the battlefield moving enemy troops down. Maybe it can be used on a starship to ram capital ships? Thoughts?

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You'd need a crystal the size of a buick.


Why not build a giant board with a a nail in it to destroy planets, it be way cheaper then a "giant lightsaber" or deathstar

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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