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First Bug

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Hey, I'm on my fourth runthrough in KotORII, and I've just met the first gamestopping bug ever. I'm up to date 'n' all.


When I get to the plateau where Atris hides for the first time, I defeat the HK units, then, with Kreia and Atton, I go into the temple. Inside, Handmaiden asks me to put down my weapons, which I do. After that, Kreia and Atton stay behind me, after which I engage i conversation with Handmaiden. After that I speak to Atris, who's already waiting for me at the bridge, which messes up the cutscenes. After speaking to her, Only Bao is in the force cage, Kreia and Atton is still at the door. Speaking to Kreia does nothing, but when speaking to Atton I receive these choices:


1. [Cheat Node] Jump to the PC confrontation with Atris


2. [Cheat Node] Continue with Kreia conversation


Number 2 does nothing, and number one makes me repeat the conversation with Atris, only the dialogue options I have chosen before, I can't choose again.


I have installed the "Skip Peragus" mod.


What do I do? Please help!

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i heard something about this problem being introduced with a patch (dunno, i havent patched mine)


only thing remotely similar that i have experienced is atton staying by the elevator, but everything was fine once i spoke to kreia (she was in the force cage, but he wasn't)


i think theres something you can dload to fix the problem. someone is bound to post a link for you

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Hmm... I did a little a little research and it seems the problem only occurs when you choose to to lay your weapons down as the first dialogue option.


So is this an intentional bug to stop us friendly lightsiders from being peaceful or..? :lol:


If any one finds a solution, please let me know.

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