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Korriban Saved Game for PC version?

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Hey guys, I'm not sure if it's okay to ask for save games or such, so please close if necessary.


I did a bit of reading and noticed that to see the Bastilla Holocron, you need to set Revan to be DS back on Peragus...


But, I really, really, don't feel like playing through Peragus all over again just to watch a small video.


So, I was just wondering if anyone had a save game where they set Revan to be DS and were finished Telos/near Korriban?


Thanks a bunch. :)

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*You* don't have to be darkside for this to work. You just have to say Revan was. I have seen on my bro's playthrough so wont be doing that. My Revan was never dark. He would draw on the dark but he was good.


Yup, I figured that out... still, didn't want to replay Telos again just to see it... ah well. :-

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