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Revenge of the Sith video game

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To get us in the mood for the upcoming movie, my buddy decided to rent this game for the X-Box. Suffice to say, it was a waste of his money.


The game is incredibly short, the combat is repetitive (mash buttons), and the camera angle is atrocious. More than anything the camera angle annoyed me. You can't manually shift the camera around like you can in games like KOTOR or JE, so half the time I'm being shot at from off screen and I've gotta run blindly towards the enemy until he comes on screen. This would have been a bigger problem if the game wasn't so easy.


I'm not sure what Lucasarts was thinking, but they definitely took multiple short cuts in making this game. At the very least, they could have allowed the player to manually adjust the camera angle so you could actually SEE the enemies shooting at you.


Gamespot gave it a 6.3, but I think that's being generous. I'd give it a solid 2 or 3 out of 10, but mainly because the graphics are good and some of the lightsaber strikes are kinda cool.

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