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Influence w/Dark player

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Alright, the best thing about kotOR2 is the influence. Think about it, high influence(or low) gets you to see interesting story plots, such as new jedi. Jedi on your side are always helpful. But I can find it difficult to keep a high or low influence with a dark side player.

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But I can find it difficult to keep a high or low influence with a dark side player.


Well, if you're playing DS then you should know that Mandalore, GO-TO, Hanhaar, Atton, HK-47 will be easy to influence, but Handmaiden, Visas (I'm not shure about this one), Mira, T3, Bao-Dur won't, because they are LS PC's.

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There are ways to gain influence with Bao dur, Handmaiden, Visas, Mira and T3-M4 without gaining to many LS points. You could try this link http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?sh...nfluence++Guide


Some ideas:


Bao Dur: Nar Shaddaa - Force persuade thugs to jump into the pit

Let him inspect the speeder at the Serocco camp and say Good work Bao dur

Same on Dantooine with the Atmospheric Sensors


Visas: Not to diffucult with DS points.

Dantooine - Kill Jorran in the Enclave Sublevel

I believe you will also gain influence when you fight Vrook in the Cave


Mira: On Onderon you can side with Ponlar first then Anda to remove the captains from their post.


Anyway, there are a lot of ways to gain DS points as well as LS points so you really shouldn't worry to much to gain DS mastery if you try to gain maximum influence a.s.a.p.

Master Vandar lives!

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Visas and Atton.. can be influenced by killing innocents or defenseless people... they both LOVE seen innocent people dieing and suffering... the problem is that the Handmaiden hates seen innocent's dieing.. plus the more influence you have with Visas.. the more gelous the Handmaiden gets... to a point that she will not talk to you.... Ohhh love... It's very funny when the Handmaiden goes to Kreia for consoling.. because you getting involved in some Dark side love affair with Visas.. have to love it...

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