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WraithStar thank you for your post I am no longer confused. Her job was to find and to teacher the Exile at any cost. She know that the Exile was the only person who was capable of following Revan and assisting Revan in the fight against the True Sith. And after the final test her task was complete and she decided that she should become one with the force Like Obi One did when he was fighting Darth Vader infront of Luke. Maybe she needed to be the Exile's spirit guide like Obi One was for Luke.


I hope that they finish this on going video game novel. I would buy Kotor3 in an instant without question.


Thanks agian!!!

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I heard rumors of the development of Kotor3 being put on a shelve or stopped. I actually believe that Kotor3 is almost complete and that the beta testing is already or will be done shortly. That would explain the statement that I read somewhere else that the Kotor3 development team was laid off. I believe that Kotor3 will be released after Episode III the video game's sales peak. So, the Star Wars products do not compete against each other in sales. And it will probably be on the next generation of XBox. I would not be surprise if Kotor3 is of the one of the games that the XBox 2 will be released with. I believe that many people would buy a Xbox 2 just to play that single game. It would be so stupid if they stop the Kotor series because it would be a best-seller even if the game was pieced together from the material of the first two games. The only thing that they need to do is to try up the loose ends of the storyline and finish the story. This game would be a cash-cow.

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I am new to this forum stuff so if I make a mistake or do something that I was not surpose to do please point it out so I know in the future.




I have read many guides and look through several forum topics for possible solutions but nothing I found helped.  I had no problems throughout the game as LSer guardian(15) and became a Jedi master(10).  I use Force wave and Stasis field as my offensive Strategy for most of the game.  When I try this on the final boss I get my butt kicked.  I tried mines, different force powers, hit and run, and traditional lightsaber fighting and I always lose.  Should I start over and become a lightsaber wielding bad ass.  Also, does a specifc character's level ups remain with that character in the end?


My character's modifiers :

Strength : +3

Dex: +2

Cons: -1

Int: +1

Wisdom: +9

Char: +6

Other Stats:

Vitality: 260

Force 433

DFense: 26

Fort: 13

Reflex: 16

Will: 27


You haven't define for whom do you speak. Kreia or Darth Sion? I used a Jedi guardian (level 28) and I didnt face any problem with Darth Sion. I can see from your stats that magic is your strong point. You might try to use as many stimulants you can and if you are close to death, disengage, use the force speed to run away and heal you character before Darth Sion comes close to you. Also if you have gained a level just before the final battle keep it until you face the boss. When you are low of vitality level up and you automatically regain all your hit points pack. For a lightsaber battle it will be very useful if you are using master flury (a successful attack if you have strong character can deal about 120 hit points of damage - for all the three hits). If you meaning Kreia when you refer to the final boss I didn't have problems with her - only with the 3 lightsabers I had to face afterwards. If you run away you might kill them one by one (generally the AI of the game isn't that good)

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