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i'm having trouble installing kotor 1

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i keep getting a error message when installation gets to 24% and i am on first disk


it says this



error:                cyclic redundancy check







                                  what can i do?


Then you should copy cd one on a blank disk. This is perfectly legit, since you can make a copy of an original game for home-use (e.g. You have two computers and have to use them alternately)

I had this same error occurring once with a Sims game, there was a problem with the disk, also with a .cab file.


This was due to the bad quality of that cd, the data couldn't be read properly by my computer.

I copied it and it worked.


PN: I don't know how to explain it in English properly, I'm belgian you know :D So I hope you understood what I'm trying to say.

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