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Little Question...

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Nope, unless it's modded.

If you read the description of the outfit in your Equip screen, you'll see that it's equippable by Handmaiden, Mira or a female Exile..


Hope it helps :D

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I tried something. See if this works, cause I can't play KOTOR 2 on the bleeding laptop :D


Download KOTORtool.


Then open the KOTOR 2 part.


Under BIFs

Dropdown menu Templates.bif

Another dropdown Blueprint,Item.


You get a really big list then. You'll find g_dancersoutfit.uti- file somewhere there.


Click on it and then pick the "properties" tab.

Doubleclick the little star.


Then you select the following


Propertyname: PC Restriction

Subtype (PC) visas marr

Then you save the whole lot as an uti-file and put in in your KOTOR 2 override folder.

If you don't have one, then you just make one in Override.


Hope it helps and works....Lemme know ok?


EDIT: Ack, double post, I'm really sorry... :">

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