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Can't leave Onderon

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I get this message - proubly a bug or something.


"You must finish your business in iziz before returning to Dxun"


What business am I supppse to finish lol.? I talked everyone there, I couldn't persuade Captain Bostuco to let me enter the passage way to the pallace, and I can't find this doctor. I went to his office, the Catine, and talked to the officer at the tower thingy.


Mayby my game is corrupted lol.

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No its not. After talking to the guard at the tower, you have to ask around the Cantina about Captain Sulio's murder and it should be straight foward.



i did that but was left with no clues apart from the spy who was with him at the time but wont confess? who do i give the open vista too?


If you haven't met Dhagon gent yet, your business is not finished.


Talk to Nikko at the Cantina. You should get prompt to go investigate the site of the murder in the garbage pile. Make sure to examine the droid parts there.\\


You should give your open visa to whoever you want. DS should give it to Sakarie to get one of the best crystals in the game. LS can give to anyone else but I suggest the guy at the entrance of Iziz merchant quarter, he will give 2000coins, XP and can be force persuaded to 3000 with no DS points. You will get a 2nd Visa later.

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for major ls points and influence with Bao Dur give the republic spy the starport Visa


If dark go for Sakarie and the merchant


If light give them to the republic spy and the stranded mother


If netural give them to spy and Sakarie

Your not all ways being honest when your telling the truth.


Everything slows down when water's around.

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