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I had a question, on my most recent play thru, I was doing darkside female, and I killed all the jedi masters.....Kreia said it was time to go to dantoine...and I was curious as to who I would see at Dantoine becuase Vrook, Kavar, and Zakwhatever were all dead.....


and right when I walk into the room where they would have been, its empty like I thought and then my game freezes...each time....



Was I not supposed to kill the jedi?



For what its worth I was Guardian/Maurader...and the only time I ever had another game ending bug was when I was a Guardian/Weaponsmaster, but lightside, rather than darkside...







Anyone have similar problems? And if all else fails, if u've killed all 3 jedi masters, could u tell me what happens on Dantoine with kreia and how it unfolds differently so I dont have to restart the whole game for the 7th time....



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Hmm, that's odd that your game freezes up at that point... Perhaps if you have Kreia in your party when you head to the Enclave?


If you've killed the 3 masters, then the Enclave is empty when you arrive, yes. Kreia walks up to you and asks you if you've learned anything. It seems that no matter what dialogue options you choose, she blasts you and claims that you have failed her completely (boohoo). So, then she leaves you lying there and heads off to Atris, while your character has some flashbacks about making force bonds and others following you no matter what, etc. Pretty much the same stuff that the 3 masters said, but without their threat to cut you off from the Force.


SO, you wake up, run to the Ebon Hawk, and the rest is the same. :)

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alright thnx



btw since I'm female does handmaiden fight the sisters still somehow? or do u...because handmaiden isnt in ur party during the game as female


Umm, yah you're right, Handmaiden/Brianna isn't in your party. I haven't played as a female in a while, but my wife's currently playing the game. I will have to take note of what occurs at that point, but for now: sorry, I can't remember.



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