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Bao-Dur Influence issue

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I know this has been brought up many times, and not to 'flog a dead horse' but it is really annoying, and the issue has yet to be resolved.


The patch obviously did not fix it, and I have searched for fixes for it without any luck.


I have maxed out my influence with him many times, and that when a new area loads (this is where the glitch seems to occur) the influence goes away.


example: I am maxed out with darkside points, have my bonus and everything. I gain my last influence point with him and he is then at exactly the same level I am as far as DS points. I enter the Ebon Hawk, go into a building...any place that has to load...and he is only at 25% or so DS.


What is the fun of gaining influence with him if it simply vanishes for no apparent reason?


There must be a way to fix this issue, and if someone knows how, please share!

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here are a couple pics I thought I would add to show the major difference.

The first is leaving EH. Bao-Dur is maxed out DS, as you can tell. His ds/ls bar was at exactly the same place as mine. I leave the EH and the result is the second image.



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you'll find a few influence mods here wich would fix it modspage :thumbsup: I like the mindprobe un. Nice for experimenting when you've finished the game a few times. Also there's the underwear section "cough" :"> haha


Thanks, I got the influence mod a few days ago, and it just wasn't fun for me. After beating the game so many times though (I think I am on my 18th character), I did decide to play around with a lot of other mods.


I was really just hoping there was a way to fix that besides the influence mod because half the fun for me is trying to gain max influence with all party members, and take them all ls or all ds. I have done it successfully a couple of times so far - with the exception of the Bao-Dur glitch.

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