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Just an observation

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I played KOTOR2 through pure light side male Jedi Sentinal/Master and must have missed a fair number of sidequests (or at least never found a way to finish some of them). I had some bugs, all of which have been covered here, but not so many that it bothered me that much.


My system:



nVidia MOBO

nVidia FX5700-Ultra (128mb)

latest drivers

SWpatch 2.0


Now, the observation. I played the game a 2nd time, this time female, also Sentinal/Master but very dark side. I chose to cheat right from the start mainly by giving my character high stats across the board (nothing above 18) to see how this would affect development. Obviously she is very strong in all respects now at about 21st lvl, but I still face some tough battles. I paid more attention to details as I played and found a rather enormous wealth/depth of plot and character development. I'm actually not quite finished, and am still quite astonished at how different the game plays out as a dark lord. It's really quite a lot more fun the 2nd time around and I'm not quite sure why that is. It makes me wonder how much more substance is still hidden in the game that I might never see regardless of how often and what type of character I might play.


However, I've had MORE glitches and bugs. Mostly minor, irritating things, but it seems the female dark side story is just buggier than the male light side game.


Sorry if this seems a bit lame, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar.


Generally speaking, I feel lucky that nearly all my bugs have been minor, compared to some of what I've read here. Through both plays I may have had 5 CTDs total, and all else is just irritating stuff.


Well, sorry if I bored you. May the ford be with you!


Eurisko Lontano (w00t)

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I find the game gets glitcher the more save games you have/the more files are written.


Also, I firmly believe that the savegame editor, while generally 'safe', creates some minor intermittent glitching during it's over-writing process, particularly with graphics. Nothing major...and doesn't always happen - but all the times I've encountered 'more than the usual in my game' glitches (in my experience only), I was playing from an edited save game.

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