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What happened to Master Vandar?

What Happened to him?  

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  1. 1. What Happened to him?

    • He was blown up in the star forge battle Sith Asassins hunted him down
    • Master Vrook killed him
    • He hibernated and came back as Yoda
    • He didn't die, he just hid to well in TSL
    • He didn't want to be a jedi, so he auditioned for smeagle
    • Was deemed to powerful and was killed by Atris

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There is mention. When you land at the Khoonda, the droid, if you repair it and talk to it there is an option to display a holographic message with Vandar and Vrook. Vrook is basically yelling at Vandar because the Exile is highly disliked and that sort.

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Cut_end_scene.mstrVrook_mstrVandar. end-run

VROOK: You remember that day on


in the country before that bright light when we were "good too go"? :-"

VANDAR: Yes, Vrook! I had a bolt tie on and everything, ready was i hmm

VROOK: I was CHOOSEN for the emotional detachment "H8" padawans felt for me. It added too the CUT-Content feel we were going with <_<

VANDAR: WHAT!! what're you saying? :ermm:

"the trollycart speeds up a bit headed for end of the big bright light :-"

VROOK: I KILLED YOU "glares then resumes piloting the trolly cart" :lol:

VANDAR: a question if i may master Vrook? :ph34r:

VROOK: Kay..

VANDAR: those dark glasses.. they come in all sizes? :">


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that makes sense, too bad there is absolutely no dialogue about him in TSL sad.gif


If you played Revan to be Light Side in K1, then Master Vandar died at the last Jedi Conclave on Katarr. I believe it was Master Zez-Kai Ell who explains this. Maybe Kavar, but one of them.


And if you played Revan to be Dark Side in K1, then Master Vandar obviously dies aboard the Republic Cruiser during the assault on the Star Forge.


PS: I think the droid was confussing the exile with Revan, since the droid did register the Ebon Hawk to have belonged to Revan, and they were both Jedi. My reasoning for this is because Revan's first and most prominent master was female (


) while it is widely disputted that Master Kavar was the exiles master. Others dispute that Kreia was who Vrook was talking about in the holorecord...but Kreia was never the exiles master before the game. If the holorecord is about the exile, then it would also derail the fact that he was a strong and promissing pupil. From reading the Chronicles, and from speaking to Mical, you find out that the exile was a Padawan - on parr with many Jedi Knights and about to enter into his Jedi Trials - when he left for the Mandalorian War. Although lightly, he was even training younger Padawans in the Academy on a regualr basis. Now Vrook, if he held such contempt for such as person as he seems to in the holorecord, why would he allow such a rebel student freely train others? He wouldn't.


Oh well, I've talked enough. I think you know know where I'm coming from but this can all be laid to rest as yet another glitch or "cut piece" from the game Obsidian really wanted to put out.

"Learn to harness your anger and control your fear. Dominate your emotions! But do not let them overcome you; for they can surely cause you to fall to the dark side.

If you expect to win against a Sith then you need to fight like a Sith! If you do not, you will always be met with defeat."

-- Jedi Master Seraphis Dakari

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