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Kyla Carth (or anyone interested)

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Hi! Do you have the dialogues where atton talks about his past? Sorry if someone already asked!!! That would be great. Is there anyplace on internet where they have those dialogues but in written form?


I've been trying to write out some of the (shorter) dialogues from the .tlk file into a readable reference format for myself, and I remember you asked about Atton's Jedi convo.


I don't know if you found one already, if so, ignore this -


If not, this is as far as I got....it's long and makes my eyes water to stare at it, let alone organize it into something resembling the in-game order.


I got it organized in semi-chunks, but if you want it to read like an actual ordered script you'll have to do it yourself....sorry.... :D


Anyway...here's the file....it's in wordpad's richtext format, hope that's ok.



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