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Patch Didn't Work For Me - Telos Bug

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Waited forever for this patch in hopes of relief. After beating the handmaidens on Telos and boarding the Ebon Hawk - I load into the Ebon Hawk and it's a black screen with a pointer. The bug was reported, been trolling these forums for over a month. I can access the menus and such but can't play the game.


Anyone know if there is a way to get the money back? I am not even mad anymore - but having the cash back for this would be fantastic.

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Two things.


First, uses have reported that save games are not always compatible with the changes in the patch (start a new game)


Second, if you have a NO-CD patch installed prior to installing this patch, the patch will not install correctly. Remove the NO-CD if you have one and THEN patch.


I hope that helps. As for getting your money back, probably have to take that up with the retailer you bought it from.

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