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KotOR2 Patch

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To install: extract the zip file to the Override folder in your KotOR2 install directory. If this directory doesn't exist simply create it. A number of the zips contain a folder named 'source' which is non-essential for the fix and may be deleted if you wish.


It says this ^ at the top of the site. Open up Explorer or My Computer. Find the Kotor 2 install directory. See if there is a folder called Override. If there isn't, then make a new folder called Override. Next, go to the patch you downloaded for the Mira Spacesuit fix. Right-click on it and select extract. When it asks you where to extract it to, find the Override folder. Then it should work. I haven't actually done this myself, so if someone who has experience with these patches can correct me, please do so.



But I can make this for all the existing corrections?

Therefore some ask for to erase the files that are inside of this directory.


Beyond the executable archive, supplied for the Lucasart v.1.0b, exists some another one?

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