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The Right of a Web Site Domain Name/address


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Long ago I asked sombody to produce a web site for me, we booked and paid for a year time for the the web address/domain name, all was fine.


Now that its a few months after the year since I have first launched the web site, and the domain name time has expired.


I am asking another web desinger to make the web site, but when we looked up on the same domain name, domainname.co.uk said that its already taken and still belong to the last web desinger, wtf?


My current web desinger said that we will need the old web desinger to tranfer it away or somthing, does anyone know whats going on and whats need to be done?


Thanks a lot.

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Assuming I understood you....my guess is your old designer re-registered the name before you got around to checking into it.


He might even have had one of those thingies where a domain 'seller' notifies and tries to grab it as soon as it becomes available.


There's not much you can do about it - if a name expires and is not renewed (by you) before it expires, it's up for grabs to whoever gets it first. *shrug


So if he's willing to transfer it/sell it/give it away, great. If not...

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