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What stats does HK-47 increase for you?

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I know if you get enough influence with HK-47, he'll permenantly boost your stats, but which ones does he boost? Because if you don't go light, you don't get the +3 to your stats for light side mastery, so maybe this was put in the game to balance that out for dark siders... but what stats go up?

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LS Mastery's bonus depends on your class(es); for instance, a Jedi Master's LS bonus is +3 WIS. The Prestige class LS or DS stat bonus stacks with your previous class's bonus, though (for instance, if you went LS Sentinel that's 3 DEX, then another 3 DEX if you get the LS Watchman Prestige Class, for a total of 6 effectively).


There are also comparable bonuses to DS Mastery. For a Consular, for instance, it's +50 Force Points. For a Sith Lord, it's also +50 Force Points. I would have to look up the others, though; I have 'em written down here somewhere...



In answer to your question about HK's bonuses: I think it was an experience bonus, a WIS bonus (1 I think) and ummm I forgot what else, sorry. :lol:


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I thought they were the same as the original KOTOR. That is why I asked, though. I mean, if you're a LS consular/jedi master, that's +6 to Wisdom. I think that's way better than +100 force points, because the light sider would get more force points anyway, with the added bonus that their powers would be harder to resist, a +3 to their force powers' DC. But if HK gave a +3 to Wisdom that would even out, but I guess he doesn't. I know T3 gives a +1 to Wisdom, I just wasn't sure what HK-47 did for ya. Thanks, though!

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