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ANSWERS I went to the droid seller on oderon and it was suposed


to have the vocabulator for hk-47 and i looked in the evetory twice after doing the


same thing twice and the processor was still in the droids sell list why is this has


this happened to anyone else? i might have all ready got it but can't remember i


know i got the chassis,control cluster but im not sure if i got the parts off of the hk-


50 in the droid warehouse what did that droid have any suggestions on how to get


back into the droid warehouse on nar shaddah? and i forgot to get the stuff off of


the droid on pragaes but it was destroyed . is there any other place where i can


get the thing that the droid on pargas had if yes what planet?? what hk-47 part did


kobin have just curios?? i do know greeda has the pacifust package or i suposed


to anyway. :thumbsup::blink::blink::(:ermm:






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Enable cheats and use the giveitem cheat:


HK Droid Processor: giveitem hkpart01

HK Chassis: giveitem hkpart02

HK Control Cluster: giveitem hkpart03

HK Vocabulator: giveitem hkpart04

HK Protocol Pacifist Package: hkpart05



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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