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Heavy weapons dude

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I read a line about this in my post about Yavin IV.


I'd like to hear about your recipes for a truly kickass lightsaber, crystal and part combinations and all.


I'm asking this because I'm trying to craft the best lightsaber I can for melee damage.

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Heart of the Guardian + Upari + Solari. The Solari crystal is normally restricted to LS characters, but the HotG and Mantle of tthe Force crystals negate that restriction allowing DS characters to use it. I usually use the MotF + Upari + Solari combination myself - it does somewhat less damage but I prefer the color - teal blue to the HotF's reddish orange color.


These crystals only become available for purchase after you've acquired the final star map and have visited Yavin station at least three times.


It's well worth visiting Yavin station after completing each planet and selling all the items you've acquired there instead of to the merchants on the various worlds. Suvam Tan will pay 2.5 times the price other merchants do for everything. That includes the racing bonds ftom Tatooine. In addition, if you beat him 10 times at Pazaak he will give your character a 20% discount on all your purchaces. Considering how expensive the items he sells are that can add up to quite a savings. IIRC the Motf and the HotG crystals are 22,500 and 25,000 credits each.

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Your mention of Yavin caused me to assume you were talking about KotOR I. Yavin isn't in KotOR II, just in the first game. I'm afraid other than the "character name" crystal you find in the cave on Dantooine, finding crystals is pretty random. There are a few spots where you'll always find a specific crystal, but nothing especially powerful.

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Your mention of Yavin caused me to assume you were talking about KotOR I.


I can see how that would confuse the issue, sorry about that.


I know you're not guarrantied to find the same things in every game, but there's a fair chance we all end up with one or two of the same crystals. I just wanted to know if you could share the construction of a lightsaber you made that was very uber.

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Best sabre is the one,that you like. Actually that can be said about pretty damn everything in game.... and not just in game. Just play the way you like most,and rest will settle itself. With time you will figure what works best for you.

IMHO it really boring and stupid to play by schemes other ppl predetermined for you.... especially with all "uber" stuff..... half of games fun is to discover things by yourself.....

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lightsaber recipes for Kotor2


As in the original game, you need to make up your mind whether you want to do damage via critical hits (Master Power Attack with Juyo/Shien and two keen sabres) or via a high number of attacks combined with high base damage per attack (Master Flurry with Juyo, double-bladed sabre).


The 'critical' route gives you slightly higher average damage but results vary more wildly, meaning it is quite common that foes who should have gone down in '0.9 rounds' take in fact two rounds two dispatch.


The 'flurry' route gives very dependable results because damage does not deviate as wildly from the average; average damage per combat round is slightly less compared to the most potent 'critical' combo but the difference is less than 10% (for STR builds). The 'flurry' option is most attractive for STR-oriented characters although in KotOR 2 this means little more than switching a bit of equipment around (natural attributes matter little). But it certainly means that the 'flurry' option is not attractive for characters who do not want to select their equipment for other boni than STR; if you want to boost DEX and/or WIS instead (turtle builds, battle mages) then the 'critical' option is more promising.


So, for a 'non-critical' STR-build you'll use a double-bladed sabre and for the 'critical' option two keened normal sabres (at least at higher levels where you have plenty of attack bonus).


Double-bladed sabres have only half the critical threat range compared to normal sabres (20-20 vs. 19-20) but their advantage is the higher base damage (+2 average per attack) and the 1.5 multiplier for the STR damage bonus on the main hand. For a STR build around level 30 this means 10..15 extra damage per main hand attack (depending on your natural STR), or 50..75 per combat round.


Once you have chosen your type of sabre the only difference between single and double is that you have to make the single sabre keen. That is, take a recipe and replace one of the upgrades/crystals with something that increases the critical threat range (e.g. Nextor crystal). For 'critical' sabres there is another consideration, which is that some damage boni get multiplied for criticals and some do not. However, since I am a 'double-bladed + Flurry' man myself I don't know what's what, and the difference is probably marginal in any case.


My preferred loadout for a high-damage sabre:

* pet crystal

* Barab Ore Ingot (2-12 fire) or Pontite Crystal (1-10 cold, 2 CHA)

* Expert Fencing Emitter (3 energy, 2 AC)

* Ultimate Diatium Cell (5 energy)

* Pontite Lens (2-12 energy)


With a thusly loaded double-bladed sabre my last character (LSM 19/13 Guardian/Weapon Master) did 53-95 per main hand attack with Master Valour and Master Battle Meditation active; a character with maxed-out STR would do 59-101 and a Marauder (Fury) would do even more, and stims could add some extra damage on top of that.


Note: a description like '2-12' for the Barab Ore Ingot means that it is actually a '2d6'; that is, two 6-sided dice are rolled to determine the outcome. The result is that middlish results are much more likely than the extremes. For a '1-12' item each of the twelve possible values is equally likely (1/12th). For the '2d6' (2-12) Barab Ore Ingot the probability for a roll of 7 is six times higher than for a roll of 2 or 12; the probability for getting a value in the range 5..9 is 2/3.


Note: the Barab Ore Ingot is variously listed as '2-16' but I am fairly certain that this is wrong and it is actually '2-12' (2d6).

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