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Need help! Dark side on Telos!!

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I first visited Czerks (since the options skip, I chose to serve Czerks by mistake) and help them out sort of things. And now, I have the long-neck-bow-back Ithorians hate me very badly. Monza (Race track?) and the head of the Ithorians say nothing to me now. I accepted to swipe out the exchange company, killing all the piggies and also the women Luxa. Then, nothing ever happen. There are several item left in my mission box. They are:


1, Arrested (The captain Grenn say no words.)

2, Stolen ship of Eden Hawk (The protocal body told me to ask the Exchange, but, you know, they are cold bodies.)

3, Escaped Criminals. ( Two uglies escaped to the restoration area. No idea who they are nor where is the area. Lorso the female head of Czerks say no words.)

4, HK 50 mission.

5, Make a lightsabre. ( Have the cell and red crystal, what to find and should I make the sabre here on Telos?)


Please, I am in deep need of help.



BTW, the skipping dialogues are pushing me to think about pause down and go no playing the game after a Patch from Obsidians. Do I have to?

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Yes, Mercenaries raided the Czerks and all of them had been wiped out by me. I went to Duros at the Dock Door 3. The dialogue skips fast and then "I will be going now".


I have been in the dock for the mission of the underground black market. But I cannot enter now.


Is it a bug?

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Confirmed that it is a bug, tried all means of the convs and nothing happen.


I've redo the whole game from Pegsus and choose to go the light route and this time I am OK. I found the Ebon Hawk in the Handmaidens'.


BTW, there is a unidentified game which is sealed and not idicated in the map in the shuttle level of Telos. Location is nothwest of the elevator exit from resident area. Anybody know sth. about it?

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