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Crash unbearable!

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In the end of my traveling on Telors, I had a few crashes. Now Im on dantoine, And it crashes in almost every fight! It only happens in fights. Every time I fight an enemy, Il save after the battle in fear of crashing in the next fight. Is it like this the whole game through? If it will continue much further, I will return it and get my money back. Brilliant the game may be, but it is unplayable with all these crashes! They should have checked it for bugs a little better when releasing a consolgame. In such games they must be bugless before release. Patches are for PC not Consols!

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I've only had 3 ctd's total, so maybe its your comp that has a few issues



Its an xbox not computer(Its probably what you meant, but just to be sure).

It doesnt have any problems with the other games. It must be the game itself, perhaps the cd or something. Or it can of cause also be that Im just the unlucky one of the bunch.

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