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ok so im at taris and i found that blaster special thing on the assasins body. Then i go to the ithorian and ask him about it. he says go see the luitenant. When i go to him, he says that "these are your quarters during the house arrest" which was ages ago. I cant get any farther becuase i onyl have 1 reply answer then he opens the quarter doors. I speak to one of the soldiers next to him and she says that the ithorian (his name starts with M, but i forget it!) and then i walk into the room. Then i get trapped in it becuase no one calls me except for the loop from the Czerca girl. PLEASE HELP ME GET FARTHER AND FIX THIS INFINITE LOOP OF DOOM! :blink:

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and this will let me get farther in the game? and after i bring it to him (is he the merchant in the entertainment complex?) trhen do i go see that lietenant?


You don't need to talk with anyone else, the plot is advanced by dealing with either the ithorians or Cerka Corp, they will eventually get you off Telos station and onto the planet surface.


Bring the blaster to the merchant if you want additional items and darkside questing.

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