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continuation of romances from first kotors

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ok, so i read around about people talkin about romances from the first few kotors and i was wondering what you guys thought about an idea for the in-evitable 3. maybe a quick selection of gender/ls,ds and then maybe bastila/carth, and/or somebody from 2 going off to find the exile in revan in unknown space. dont know, just kinda a wishy washy idea for a love story behind the next kotor, has some decent potential with the whole entire series questioning the jedi code and all. btw dont shoot me down too hard on this idea, just thought itd be kinda neat to take like bastila and briana as 2 lone jedi in unknown space hunting for loved ones.....with massive lightsaber slaughter throughout. :ermm:

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All I'll say is that KotOR 2 didn't act like the "Episode III" of Star Wars regarding the Revan/Bastila bit anyway. As much as I hope for a nice re-union, I'm not expecting much.

Depends who's making it and who writes the story...


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Male LS Revan should be w/ Bastila, or have 1 or both die (if one lives, they MUST make an oath to hold to the light, and finish eachother's work; I wrote up a little script of the ideal Revan death, when Bastila lives... It's not good, but it still gave me chills...).


I don't care about the Exile's romances... There were too many GOOD and EMOTIONAL choices ('I want somebody to know who I was... who I am", and "Because I believe you can be saved.", and the ever popular "...I'm sorry. I did not realize my actions would hurt... those that cared for me...").

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