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Gothic 2


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Who here has played gothic 2 and liked? It's one of my favorites games

I have the expansion but it's in german I am waiting for the English one :(

bty what were your stats?


About 150 str and 98 two handed.


You can get an english mod for the German addon.

I have it but is not the same heh

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It si teh suXXorz!!

DISCLAIMER: Do not take what I write seriously unless it is clearly and in no uncertain terms, declared by me to be meant in a serious and non-humoristic manner. If there is no clear indication, asume the post is written in jest. This notification is meant very seriously and its purpouse is to avoid misunderstandings and the consequences thereof. Furthermore; I can not be held accountable for anything I write on these forums since the idea of taking serious responsability for my unserious actions, is an oxymoron in itself.


Important: as the following sentence contains many naughty words I warn you not to read it under any circumstances; botty, knickers, wee, erogenous zone, psychiatrist, clitoris, stockings, bosom, poetry reading, dentist, fellatio and the department of agriculture.


"I suppose outright stupidity and complete lack of taste could also be considered points of view. "

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Good action-RPG-series, nothing too deep or earth-shattering, just fun to play and the immersion factor, at least for the first game, is sky-high.

kirottu said:
I was raised by polar bears. I had to fight against blood thirsty wolves and rabid penguins to get my food. Those who were too weak to survive were sent to Sweden.


It has made me the man I am today. A man who craves furry hentai.

So let us go and embrace the rustling smells of unseen worlds

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Because of my left hand disability the keyboard commands are a pain, but I?m managing.

Gothic One is a great game; I?m hoping G2 will be just as good.


Tsel :-

Left hand disability?


Anyhow, most of the games out there are made for two hand use. This can't be anything exceptional for Gothic 2, can it? Or is it worse than other games out there? I've never tried playing any game with just one hand (except WoW, when the phone rings. It's difficult!) so I don't really know.


Gothic has a tighter story than Gothic 2, but Gothic 2 feels more thought out and finished than Gothic. Also, I enjoyed the bigger world of Gothic 2 more than the one in Gothic. Only thing I missed in Gothic 2 was the mines.. They were awesome in Gothic.


Most RPGs can be played one handed. Trust me, I notice when playing Gothic II because I'm a lazy bastard and must conserve energy - I can't consistently use two hands at once!

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