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How much time consumption?

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I just think positively, and i don't want to be called moron here.


1 month from the first day they entitled "Patch coming soon" in this site, we still wait. Last time I saw Chris, he just said about bug patching and stabilizing such content... Until now I've never heard of patch progression, any....


Sometime I think they're working more than that.


What if they're response to our moan and try making some cut scene??



HK-47 to exile : Statement : Oh... you're completely moron after all, master.

T3-M4 : Deet! deet beep deet DEET? BEEEEEEP!!

Exile : Shut up, both of you!!!!!











Bah. It's just a day dream... = =


But we still need patch, surely...



So Fight on your way. Obsidian... I'll wait until I died old.

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