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I have a feeling...

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are u one of those people who are just born with bad luck??


u know the type- like when you're young and u want your parents to buy u the best bike, and u get one only to find its a pansy pink one with training wheels. or when u really fancy a girl and ask her out only to find your best mate asked her out the day before. or like most people here who wait ages and shell out hard earned cash for a great game to be released only to find it bugged out so much its unplayable! :angry:


well i am one of those people.


so whats my point u may be asking.


well yesterday having run out of valuable hard disk space, i took the plunge and uninstalled KOTORII from my system and 'somehow' it also managed to also delete my saved game files (about 5-6 hours worth playing time in total) even tho im sure i told it not too. so knowing my luck so far, this should mean the patch is coming out shortly (probably within the next week) which would have solved my problems and i could have carried on playing fine. (w00t) oh well, c'est la vie (as the french say).


of course this could also mean that the patch is coming out but wouldnt have fixed my crashes anyway, which, lets face it, is more likely...

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Okay, that was humourous.  Not the crashes, but your reasoning.  :wacko:


Bobstar reaches level 1:


Feats granted...


-Scoundrel's Luck


-Lucas Arts Prodcut Awareness (adds a +3 bonus to intelligent buying decisions to help avoid buying LA products in the future; +4 bonus for consumer awareness; this feat is always active).

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