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NWN OC was great?!?!?!  What the hell are you smoking?  It was average at best.


Also I don't think that KotOR 2 is a heap of crap.  Only the ending is a heap of crap.


Hordes of The Underdark was a fantastic upgrade, that one made it all worthwhile for me, finally a story where you could truly be evil and actually have plot diversions that backed it up, where you weren't forced to do something for the greater good just cos someone was in your way, you could end up being worse thatn the guys they wanted you to stop.


I agree the original Content was a bit lame with respects to evil or chaotic characters, but to be fair it was HUGE. Still, not as huge as Baldurs gate was. And there was the unfeasibly dull introductory training part of the game and the hideous amounts of dialogeu you had to go through before you could actually get into the game proper.. I had to persevere for about 3 hours before i felt the game was starting to get interesting... then i was hooked. But I am obsessive like that



aaaaanyway before we get way off topic. :huh:

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