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I was on GameSpot a few weeks ago, looking for KotOR cheats so I could "enhance my inventory" when I came across an interesting guide: a warp code guide. Curious, I clicked on it and saw that there was a list of codes to different areas of the game. So, I fiddled around with the codes and found they worked after all.


After seeing screens of the HK factory, I began to wonder if there was a warp code for it. The only requirement would be to have cheats enabled but such a small price...


+ Warp Codes


That's the page with the warp codes on it. They go like this "warp 000XXX" the "XXX" stands for the first part of the area name, like Dantooine is DAN and Telos is TEL. The 000 stands for (random?) numbers. I'm not sure what they mean... anyways, if anybody could help me try to think of variables for XXX for "HK-Factory" I'd like that...


Yes, this is a desperate attempt.


Or this may not even work since the HK factory was cut entirely, but it's still worth a shot, right?



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Force Sight: Read


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Yes, of course there are warp codes: just take the name of the module and add warp before it:

example 298TEL.rim gives warp 298TEL


other codes are:


warp 299TEL

warp 801DRO

warp 802DRO

warp 803DRO

warp 804DRO

warp 805DRO

warp 806DRO

warp 807DRO


If you run into closed doors because the areas are not fully completed, you can download my whereami cheat armband here: http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php and patch it with this: http://mars.walagata.com/w/darth333/armband.zip

and you will be able to open any door with it by just activating the armband when you stand in front of a door (cheat code to get the armband is d3_location )

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darth spock: Yes, this will work. However, you first need to have the actual module files for the area you're warping to installed. In the case of the HK Factory and M4-78, the droid planet, these files were removed before the PC version shipped. You will need to download the modules, add them to the SWKotOR2\Modules directory, and then warp to the proper area.


Also, there are people working on restoring the HK Factory to its full and intended glory. It's too cool to leave out. :cool:


As far as the actual location of the modules you need, I've got them for the time being at http://magestrix.com/downloads/RemovedKOTOR2Modules.zip although I'll remove this link if the moderators ask.

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