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Load and Save Problem

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I have an Athlon 1.1, with 256 MB RAM and my video board is a G-Force 2 - 64 MB. I know those are far from ideal stats, but they meet game requirements.


I bought the game two weeks ago and I started playing lightside guardian. The game was running fine, I mean, I did experienced minor random crashes, but that was expected and it didn't really bother me. I finished the game and tought it was great.


Anyway, everything was fine until I decided to play through again, this time as darkside. I started the game normally and it was running fine, like the first time. I was still on Peragus, on the dormitories when I had to stop playing, so I made a save and quit. Later, when I was able to continue, I started the game again and loaded my last save.


That's when things started to go bad, real bad. I loaded the last save and left the room. I was out for five minutes and when I got back I thought ten game would be on already. Much to my surprise, I found myself still on the load screen. The progress bar was still in the first quarter and it just would not move. I thought it was a normal crash, so I restarted and tried again. I did that five times (very persistent) before I was convinced it wasn't just a crash. I thought that maybe the save file was corrupted, so I tried again. The game started runningand I decided to test, so I made a quiksave, wich took me about six minutes (not quik at all :thumbsup: ) and then I tried to load it. CRASH!!!!!!. So, I ran scandisk and the antivirus. Found nothing. Reinstalled the game. Idiotically, I thought my problems would be solved by now, but nooooo!!! The same thing happened. I can start the game, I can play the game, but I can't load a freaking save. As the game a long one, and as I can't play all day long, it's kind of impossible for me to finish it.


So, if someone has any clue as how to fix it, please tell me. I am a desperate man.

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