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Finished all 4 planets, now stuck. Help!

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I finished all 4 of the planets, found all the jedi masters I assume, now there is nothing left for me to do. The order I did them in, Dantooine, Onderon, nar shadda, Korriban. I've already gone back to onderon and done the whole palace thing. Now unable to go back to onderon.


After korriban, there is nothing left to do. I completed the sith academy and the cave, and according to the walkthroughs, I am supposed to get some message saying I should go to dantooine and meet with whoever. But I never get that message, and if I go to dantooine, there is no one there waiting for me, just the old stuff that was there from before.


The only active quest I still have, other than the old unfinishable ones like Redemption and vogga's horde (can't dance for him again), is Lost Jedi, which says "you found the body of such and such a jedi master in the sith academy".


Is there any way to get beyond this point? I've tried reloading saved games and trying again. Supposedly you are supposed to do the academy before the cave, I tried doing the academy, skipping the cave entirely and going to the ship, nothing. I tried finishing the academy, doing the whole cave over, nothing.


The only thing I can think is that when I return from the academy to the ship, I get a long segment between bao-dur (or whatever his name is) and go-t0 about him upgrading the robot. I think at this point is where I'm supposed to get a segment instead telling me to go to dantooine.


Any suggestions?

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