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Russian Fans' Translation Project


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Hail, Obsidian!


I have assembled a team of translators (myself being the leader and proof-reader) to create a Russian version of KOTOR 2. Already working, about 3 weeks now.

I would like to point out that we are strictly enthusiastic group, with no economical pursuits whatsoever. The translation patch will be available free for all, and not to be distrubeted by pirates, only thru internet.


So, I ask you this, do you approve of this? Or will Lucas Arts approve of this?


Well, the point is that there is not going to be any official Russian localizations whatsoever. Actually, no Star-Wars-related game was ever localized. Probably, it's because of LucasArts' strict policiy towards CIS-countries. All about money, I guess. Russian companies just have no desire to try getting that coveted license from LucasArts now, I guess.


And there are lots of Russian/post-soviet KOTOR fans, and not all of them know English well enough to fully experience this great game.

There is a number of translations made by our pirates. But their "translation" is such utter crap, that it can't even be read properly (basically, they just put the whole text thru computer-translator program). Pirates are just too cheeky nowadays, don't respect players one bit.


That's why many translators-enthusiasts, like me, got inflamed with an urge to create a good, clean, quality Russian version of the game. And we're doing our best to acomplish this goal.

Here's the link to our forum: http://www.offtop.ru/warak/index.php (in Russian, o'course)


If you (Obsidian and fans) have any comments or suggestions, please post them.



Oh, and one more thing, a suggestion to Obsidian's programmers/writers: I recommend that you do away with that darn dialog.tlk-system (Bioware's idea). It's soooo inconvenient... I don't know about you, developers, but for translators it's very just so much pain working with it. All text, including comments, script-stuff, piled up in one file... urgh. But that's because you used the Bioware's engine. I hope you won't do the same thing in your new original project.

The only text system that I REALLY loved was in Fallout series! It was just BEAUTIFUL! VERY good to work with, very organized, very convenient for both developers and translators. I wish there were more games with a system like that.


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So, Obsidian, is it okay that we're doing this?

As long as it's not commercial, the translation-patching can't be illegal, right?


Can we have your permission or something?


They do not own the Star Wars license and they don't have any rights to decide this. As you said it, I think LA will tolerat amateur translations as long as they're not commercial. It you want an approval for translating, you should mail to LucasArts.

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So, Obsidian, is it okay that we're doing this?

As long as it's not commercial, the translation-patching can't be illegal, right?


Can we have your permission or something?


It's still 7 in the morning in california, you'll have to wait a bit longer :lol:

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No, i'm not gonna wait, actually.


We started working pretty while ago, so there is no way i'm gonna cancel the project or sumthing.


But it would be just good to have some official endorsement (which is highly unlikely, i know)

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