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Post your ultimate builds!

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Ok, new topic..


Post your ultimate builds here!


I posted mine a while back, my Guardian/SL/JM combo and my Guard/SM/WM builds ;)


When you build a Marauder that has 750HP/450FP at level 30, then you know true perfection when he ALWAYS lands 150-230 on his right-hand uber-saber and 50-120 in his left.


Even with Hardcore I still couldn't manage to land one-hit-kills, even when my Storm was doing in excess of 120 and my sabers were totalling damage over 400 per hit! :devil:


I cannot live without Hardcore...I think it's simply a MANDATORY mod for this game's horrid AI problems...Since no one has yet taken a crack at re-designing the shoddy AI programming, Bean simply side-stepped that and made the enemies tough as nails...Something that I forever will be remembering...Thanks Bean.


I have dug my claws into the AI code for the last 3 weeks, and I've made some progress...Do you know that no matter WHAT AI mode I put my droids into, they *NEVER* use their special weaponry? When I put them into Jedi script with K1, the droids fired off their specials, but there is no Jedi mode for the droids in K2, so they never will use their specials!!


Well, I have repaired that major flaw by giving the droids back their "Jedi" AI mode so they can use their special weaponry now...I have also taken a look at making both your AI and your enemies AI, making everyone use more feats and thier higher-tier Force abilities instead of spamming low-kilter powers.


IMHO, when you have Storm on Atton, he will sometimes shoot off a normal Lightning instead??? WTF is with THAT? Talk about a waste of FP's!


I will probably release the Jedi-Droid-Mode bugfix soon, but I may wait until I finish the rest of my AI changes...If this thing gets comboe'd with Hardcore, this game will be much more challenging and fun..


BTW, the reason I am here instead of at Holowan is because those boards won't send me my registration email for some stupid reason...Something with Lucasforums is bugged...


Anyway, I wonder why no one has thought of fixing the droid AI malfunctions yet? It's so simple, all you have to do is re-enable the "Jedi" mode for the droids...


I may not release anything until I am finished with XWA, which will take some more time...I have done some extensive work on K2 to rebalance things (that's what I do asides from writing and mission design, I re-balance games until they are perfect, it's my life's only persuit...I gave up most of my life to do these things to the few games that I genuinely care about...I left high school to go to college, and now I'm starting to leave college as well...I need to move to Cali so I can get a game design degree...I am really becoming tired of being a damn network admin...No fun in that at all...), so I will probably just wait until I'm finished with my larger mods before I think about releasing little bugfixes and patches...I will simply include those with the larger mod.


Of course, I won't be done with XWA for a while yet because I still have to write another 75 missions with full voiceover support, 25 I may have done, but there are still 75 more...Takes me two days per mission to make it perfect and all..;)


I wish every game were as easy to mod as XWA is...K2 could learn a few tricks about proper scripting from XWA...I'd rather hex-edit than have to write dozens upon dozens of scripts and re-compile everything...Sigh.

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Guest Damar Stiehl

The question of an "ultimate build" is rather moot. Did you use all the built-in items? Or did you use modded items such as Envida's crystals and such?..

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The question of an "ultimate build" is rather moot. Did you use all the built-in items? Or did you use modded items such as Envida's crystals and such?..


Well, I used the original items initially, I didn't do QUITE as much damage as I did with the mods, but it was almost as close. I had Storm doing 90+ damage with my right saber doing a good 150 per hit, left was about 90 or so...


I can do more damage with the mods, but that's a moot point...You see, the Exile's Item Pack is one thing I hate to use, and I don't use it because it's just a large number of uber-items, where Envida's are far more balanced with Hardcore.


With the normal game and Hardcore I was doing pretty high damage with both my Saber and with Storm/DeathField, and as long as I made my sabers both Keen, well, let's just say that with maxxed-out two-weapon and lightsaber feats, I NEVER missed a single hit, and I always landed a critical, but that's when I wasn't endlessly spamming Storm and DField with the 450FP that I had :devil:


Try getting a Marauder with that much FP's, most people I know can't even do that with a SL build...Plus I had about 600 HP during my normal games...I had more HP with the mods, but again it's not really important what I could do with the mods...


LOL, I remember one thing:

If you fight Vrook first before you do anything else, you will get your arse handed to you, mods or not. The ONLY way I could take him down was by shopping at all the planets first, getting about 4-5 detonators, and hiding behind the trees and ambushing Vrook as I came back out of hiding, since Vrook seems to entirely loose track of you once you get behind those trees ;)


Vrook is the hardest fight if you take him first, which I always do...Without mods, that fight can be almost impossible because he will sit there and spam Master Heal and Master Flurry, he can kill me in two hits, with or without mods, if I try to fight him directly.


The only way I ever countered Vrook was with ambushes with thermals and spamming Lightning and drain life/force.


Of course, only an idiot tries to tackle Vrook first, but ah well ;)


For a Consular, Vrook is hell-on-wheels with the Lightsaber, he makes Kavar look like a gizka by comparison!

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