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I don't know how helpful this will be, but I'll post it anyway. I updated my videocard drivers the other day from Omega 4.11 to ATi 5.04 and it seems to have resolved all of my graphical issues. There are still some other bugs that Obsidian needs to fix; but even moving T3 on that fluky level in Paragus seems to be better. The link to the 5.04 drivers is here.

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Unfortunately my Kotor II guide is currently offline due to a change in staff at Magestrix.com. I'll try to have a new host for it soon. Until then, you can find a version of it in Dan Simpson's Kotor II walkthrough on GameFAQs.com.

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Acually, Dan Simpson's strategy guide has a column for tweaks, bug and glitches. The TSL Team probably won't be able to fix everything as they already said they would leave some things as they are.

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