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Stories in games


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Some posters in this forums have discussed over and over again how stories over lap with the time constraints and other points given by a publisher. I would like to present to you a quote from a discussion, a link in fact, from the recent GDC.

I would also like to collect ideas from the future readers and discuss this point also.


"So, where does the industry go from here? Schafer had a couple of ideas. For one, he says that the talent who can create great stories and characters is out there, they just need to be brought into the industry. He says that things will change over time as we bring in new blood and they get familiar with games and how to integrate story into gameplay.


Schafer also says that game developers can strive to be experimental without letting their publishers know (the crowd of developers watching the talk interrupted Schafer to applaud.) He says that whenever he pitches ideas to publishers, he talks about all the safe, standard features... and about the explosions."



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