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KotOR I Classes

What did you play as?  

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  1. 1. What did you play as?

    • Soldier/Guardian
    • Soldier/Sentinel
    • Soldier/Conular
    • Scout/Guardian
    • Scout/Sentinel
    • Scout/Consular
    • Scoundrel/Guardian
    • Scoundrel/Sentinel
    • Scoundrel/Consular

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So what class combo did you play as in part one? Whether it was your first, or your favorite.


I was a dual-wielding Scoundrel/Guardian. Stupid strategy guide said Scoundrel was not only recommended for veteran players only, but also matched up best with Consular. Well, despite the lower STR score and BAB, this was an excellent combo in my opinion. Sneak Attack works with Force Jump, and the bonus damage goes to both weapons. Using Stealth to set Mines, then draw out the enemy with Throw Lightsaber. The mines soften them up, and I tear them up with melee, Force Wave, etc.

Bastilla provided Force and melee support. Third spot went to either Carth, Canderous, or HK-47 for ranged support. I used the others only when necessary.

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Soldier/Guardian was my first combo, and I also used it in my last run where I went strictly solo. For that last build I used only 14 STR at creation and put excess creation points into WIS/CHA (for the Force DC). If you solo then you need some powers for setting up the battlefield (Stun/Stasis series, Whirlwind/Wave) and you need those powers to stick at least some of the time or you're dead. At least in the more interesting fights, like against the Mandalorians, early Dark Jedi, mini-bosslets like Calo/Bandon and also the sand people if Tattooine is the first planet.

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