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the e3 again


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See, for me, it's not a matter of not caring about good graphics. Beautiful visual artwork in a game is quite important to me. Were KotOR made with an unmodded Quake 1 engine, for example, it'd look like crap, immersivity would be vastly worse, and play, for me, would be overall substantially less enjoyable. Yes, I admit it: there's absolutely no way I would look at Visas (probably my favourite character) the same way if she were a character produced for the original Quake 1 engine (i.e., a jagged mess of triangles, painted in a small set of earth-tones).


For me, it's a matter of the KotOR engine's graphics being good already, as it is. Lousy graphics would damage the game for me. But KotOR's graphics are far from lousy.

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