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Something i've been wondering...

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After reading a few topics on the subject of Kotor (one and two), It seems like a hot debate topic is the canon of the story. With all the different ways to play, all the choices to make... How would there ever be one? And a better question, Why would anyone want one? Considering, this is suppose to be your own little adventure in the Star Wars relm, wouldn't a canon cheapen the hole point of these wonderful games?

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Canon cheapens everything star wars, not just these games

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I treat each thing as seperate. Obviously I expect the movies to make sense when compared to each other. Likewise I expect some sort of continuity in the games too. But I dont care if they do things that dont conform to the movies. Because as far as I am concered they are not related in any sort of meaningful way.


I suppose I'm a bit like Geroge in that respect. Each aspect of SW has it's own reality.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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Just set enough time between them and anything could have happened... Just change a few cameos and dialogue options... They did good in Kotor II, hopefully they'll do better in Kotor III...


I wanna see Revan's and Bastila's Sith Son Alfred as he tries to find the other .7 of his body in the Star Forge... :-

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