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nVidia FX5200 and KotORII

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I have a nVidia Geforce 5200 256MB. I had this same problem with KotOR, but that was a while back. When the game loads and it is time for the menu to come up I get a black screen. To fix it I went back to my original forceware 44.xx drivers. YUCK


Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight II and such are also unplayable. LA appears to have an OpenGL and older GeForce card problem. :)


Even Forceware 71.84 won't fix it. Note: UT2004 and Commando Demo and many other games work fine. :(


Maybe I should have brought it to Bioware's attention and Obsidian wouldn't have had to mess with it!


I'm hoping you guys have some idea!




KotOR II wallpapers and such soon :)

Mridalmn's StarForge

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Are your DirectX, your chipset drivers, soud card driver, your Windows and all theses obvious things up to date ?


Yes. Newly reloaded Win XP sp 2 (slipstreamed it meself), latest Audigy 2 drivers, and DX9c.


Actually Commando on newer ForceWare kicks, but it is using the Unreal engine. Not tied to openGL I guess.

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