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Unable to upgrade items...

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Has anyone been able to upgrade any items you put into your inventory with the KSE editor? I've noticed that if I put a lightsaber on my PC at the start of the game, I'm not able to upgrade it at all. The same goes with a robe that I put in the inventory too.


However, if I use a mod that allows me to get a lightsaber with the laser torch at the beginning of the game, I can upgrade that lightsaber if I find a work bench.


Is there a way to upgrade personally added items from the KSE editor in the game?

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Beats me, I don't know how KSE works. It's a 3rd party program. If the console works the way I think it does, then getting an item from it would be identical to finding an item in the game. I.e. whenever you pick up an item, the game executes "giveitem [item ID]". KSE, however, most likely modifies existing data and might not modify enough to identify an object as upgradable.

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