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Nvidia and ATI

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Alright...I just can't help it anymore...


Boys...Remind yourselves of this simple phrase:

"It's the man, not the machine."


Rely on that more than you rely on cheapass marketing catch-phrases like FSAA,AF,TruForm,Shader model xxxx, and every other little piece of SOFTWARE code that gets made every other week by these little coders.


IMHO, it's all about what the hardware can do natively, all of these little software code features are just superflous and totally inane to the over-all performance of a piece of hardware.


Learn how to properly mod and tweak your hardware, too. Don't rely on modded drivers so much, learn your hardware and how to manipulate it to serve you better. Properly making and running a PC is not all that dissimalar from sculpting a new apprentice ;)



Why don't you start by telling us how to fix the intermittent gamma issues with ATI cards?



No problem.


I have a little program I use to set everything up just right:



Try that out, if that won't work, use RadLinker to set your gamma levels and so forth...I have never once encountered a single gamma bug...Must be luck, or I'm doing something right that I haven't quite pinned a name on yet ;)


Thanks but I'd rather not have to buy 3rd party software to fix the ATI gamma issues when I don't currently experience such issues with KotOR 1. In any case, I don't experience such issues with my 6800 GT Pci Express, which is one of Nvidia's newest offerings.


BTW, it seems retarded that ATI's newest hardware should be worse than the older cards for KotOR 2.

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