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Help!!!! Looking for a post that I can't find

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I'm looking for a post. I can't remember the title of the thread or the name of the poster, but I do remember the content of the post. The poster speculated that the reason why the True Sith goaded the Mandalorians into starting a war with the Republic was so the Mandalorians would be wiped out and would not be a threat. And that the plot behind KotOR 2 was to eliminate all of the Jedi so that they too would not be a potential threat. And that the True Sith's plot behind all of this was to weaken their potential enemies so they could take over the galaxy.


That isn't it work for word, but that's the idea that I got. Anyway, I thought it was an incredibly well thought out post, more so than this one, obviously. And I'm probably doing the original poster a disservice if this post doesn't reflect his/her's.


I would have found the post already, but aparently I never posted in the same thread because I can't find the thread in any of "My Topics." If you happen to know what I'm talking about (Well, I'd be surprised) or if you happen to be that poster, let me know.


P.S. Undestand that I feel like the biggest idiot posting a thread about a post I can't find (despite my best efforts).

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Well, I know in the Mandalorian Wars thread, we talked about something like that... did you search for Mandalorian Wars?

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