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Experience in diffucult setting??

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Hello all,i just got the kotor2 game and i like it except for the bugs which seem to makeme lose items i find, hopefully the upcoming patch will fix so that i start playing again. Anyways my question is do u get more experience playing on the diffuclt setting, meaning will i level up faster?? or is it all the same and i can play it on normal? TY in advance.

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Why don't you read the answers that you got when you posted the exact same question a few hours ago in this thread?


The difference in XP is marginal/insignificant. People who have never played an RPG should probably use the 'normal' setting, everybody else 'difficult'. The game is very easy in any case, and the level progression is way too fast anyway (which is one of the reasons why the game is too easy).


BTW, you don't lose any items that you find except for the stuff that T3 can collect during the prologue (which was presumably removed when T3 was taken 'prisoner' and locked in the storage shed although they somehow overlooked his mighty shock arm). You can keep the stuff that T3 collects during the prologue by exploiting a glitch/bug: after collecting the items go back to the pilot cabin and select "skip prologue".

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