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serious problem

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i just got KOTOR2, and when i started playing the game i was using a geForce 2 mx 400 and the game ran pretty well, it ran with a little bit of system lag once in a while but was playing, and my sister just got herself a new video card and im using her geforce 4 mx 440 and not the game either crashes to the desktop when changing areas or ending dialog or just flats out restarts my computer. im gonna try the beta drivers that was suggested in a nother post, if that helps or not i will update later.


i tried playing with the geforce fx 5200 i lent my father to run our media PC and it ran pretty good with it.

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yes i did, i use driver remover when ever i install a new device of any kind.


the beta drivers didnt work, ive switched back to the geforce 2.


just courious how is a geforce 4 mx 440 64mb ddr a downgrade from a geforce 2 mx/mx400 32mb ddr?


but i do havesome good new, i my father ordered himself a new video card so i will be getting my fx 5200 back, or he will give me the fx 5500 he ordered

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the 5500 is a rip off. (I used to have one and all it is is a 5200 with a marginal overclock - if you're feeling devious, try to find out if either card has 64bit (not meg) memory, and grab which ever is 128bit). The mx440 may have more memory, but architecturally it's actually the same chip only with with slower memory. The latest drivers really aren't intended for a card as old as the mx440 (although they nominally support it) so you would probably have had more luck with an older driver version.

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