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Lol Just Finshed :(

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Well... I got the game on the 4th March :lol: After waiting ages to get it :lol:

And I've just finally completed it :p

In my opinion it was a GREAT game :shifty:

It was an excellent sequel to KOTOR 1 but I didn't quite like the ending. Wasn't a big problem but I thought it could make your character a little more special as I mean you have just defeated

Sion and Kreia. AND ALSO 3 DAMN FLYING LIGHTSABERS... And All you get is The Ebon Hawk Flying Off



But I'm not too bothered :) It was

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Another optimist joins the ranks... Being your sixth post, Anth, have you taken my DS Test? If you're a Devotee, then you can join my enteurage! (sp?)

Geekified Star Wars Geek


Heart of the Force, Arm of the Force


"Only a Sith deals in absolutes!"

-Obi-wan to Anakin (NOT advocating Grey-Jedidom)


"The Force doesn't control people, Kreia controls people."

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