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Hanhar bug...?

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when you finally break hanharrs will, he gets +2 strength and -2 intelligence. the thing is, i kept doing this over and over. chosing the same dialogue tree over and over. i got darkside points and 1000 xp points every time and hanharrs attributes kept changing. so after a few times, hanharr's strength was 44 and his int was 250! i guess they don't allow negative numbers... :D

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Wow... That's pretty cool... Maybe his Int. is -250, and they forgot the sign? Try having him work on a control panel. However, with -250, he'll probably get in a fight with it, make up, get married, the have 15 kids, then get a divorce, and then go on a psycopathic rage agaist droids (comp-humans), and end up with Mira on Malachor V...

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How do u break his will again?

Ask him why he follows you, then follow the convo tree to the part on life debts. If you have enough influence with him (all of which I gained from simply telling him what he wanted to hear) you can convince him to forget the debt and break him fully into your service, do this as many times as you like. 1000XP each time. :cool:

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