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Where are you guys going and LS Vs DS

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I made this account purely to find out where all you guys are going as the boards are closing and it was on these boards that i found out the true ending of the game and I just want to know what community you guys are heading to as I would love to see what sound files you can piece together and more revelations about what was cut you find. Seriously great work on it all and i hope you guys stick together and keep at it and may be one day we will get to see the true ending in all its glory that the legends at obsidian came up with.


Anyway i was just wondering which side you prefered playing through DS or LS?


Which did you have most fun playing? Which did you find most fufilling?


Did ya think they remained true to what the light side would of done and what the darkside would of done?


Anyone else want to see a kind of neutral side (kinda Jolee Bindo style) if possible with bonus' like you get in TSL. Or something similar to DnD aliegnment where you can be a good (light) but not have to be a goody goody as you can choose not to follow the rules or an evil (dark) person who isnt jsut a bully but influences people subtly in KotOR3?

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I'm going back to the bioware forums, because if this place shuts down they have to condone KOTOR II threads :( As for what alignment I enjoyed most, I'd have to go with LS because helping NPC's makes me feel all good inside :D I think that the game should have had a neutral Jedi path, thus calling for a different ending to the game and different missions.

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