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A GrandPrix season that won't be MSchuy dominated?


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Right, I just saw the Melbourne Grand Prix, and I have to say, it's scary!


We had:

1st Fisichella (Renault)

2nd Barrichello (Ferrari)

3rd Alonso (Renault)

4th Coulthard (Red Bull Racing)

5th Webber (Williams)


Not sure about places from that point. What I can tell you, is Michael Schumacher had a poor race. For the first half of the race, he was 15th. the best position he managed was around 8th. He didn't even finish the race.


Is this an omen of things to come?

Will Schuey not dominate the season, or is it simply a bump in the road?


It looks like these 2005 regulations might have made things more interesting.

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