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Natural Selection 3 released


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If you've never heard of NS, its a mod for Half-Life that's kind of an RTS where each player controls one of the units. The setting is a war between marines and aliens on board abandoned space stations and planets. If you play as the marines one person is the commander with a typical RTS top-down view of the map who tells all the marines where to go and what to build. The aliens are different in that they have no commander and can morph into different kinds of creatures, one of which can build structures. It's great fun although the HL engine is getting a little old these days, there's still some cool effects, the graphics and sound are very polished and the maps are mostly good to great. There are a few pieces of music that Jeremy Soule made for the mod that set the scene nicely. If you've never played NS before I recommend you start with the marines as they are easier to get to grips with although the aliens are considered more fun by those who are good at using them.


http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns/ for the 140 MB download

We now bring you live footage from the World Championship Staring Final.



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